What is therapy like?

Therapy is like a special conversation that is focused on you, and that’s exactly how it is supposed to be. You get to make yourself comfortable, talk about why you came in, and decide when you are ready to answer questions that, ideally, will help you find what you are looking for. I believe you are the expert on you, and I am a guide for you to find your truth. I don’t hold the answers for you; we collaborate on this project.

Do you give medication?

No. Only a medical doctor can prescribe medication. If a client needs an evaluation for medication I will refer them to a doctor – either a psychiatrist or general practitioner, depending on the client’s preference and insurance needs.

Is it confidential?

Yes, therapy is confidential, with these exceptions: 

  • If you provide written permission to release information about your treatment (For example, if you want me to write a letter to a judge you would sign a release of information so I could say you are in therapy with me.)
  • Therapists are required to report instances of suspected child or elder abuse.
  • Therapists may be required or permitted to break confidentiality when they have determined that a patient presents a serious danger of physical violence to another person or when a patient is dangerous to him or herself.
  • The Patriot Act of 2001 requires therapists in certain circumstances, to provide FBI agents with books, records, papers and documents and other items and prohibits the therapist from disclosing to the patient that the FBI sought or obtained the items under the Act.